Thursday, 15 December 2011

Two heads are better than one.

We had our last full rehearsal a few days ago for our choir concert next week. It went quite well, but getting 80 people to come in on exactly the right note seems almost impossible. (Why is that?) When we get it right, though, each song brings back its own memories and changes the mood. Music can wash your mind clean of the present and fill it full of another place and time. 

I've been going through the text of The Boy with Two Heads yet again and that same thought colours what happens to one of the protagonists, Suzanne. It's funny how so much in real life cross-references with the project I'm working on at the time. I was talking to someone about making bread the other day and he was telling me about using rye and barley. Both of these were used to make bread in Ancient Greece and are mentioned in the story. 

I was preparing for meeting up with Connie again to decide on the layout and styles of the text. That meeting was today and we had another couple of ideas for the cover, which her daughter/designer will work on over the New Year. As she said, “Two heads are definitely better than one” when brainstorming! 

And this was our last meeting before Christmas. 

Carlisle centre Christmas lights
So Happy Christmas, everyone!

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