Sunday, 30 September 2012

Maps for readers of The eBoy

The ebook of The Boy with Two Heads has three maps in, as does the paper version, but the labelling on the maps of the e-version is not easy to read.

I have put these three maps on a separate page on this blog (The Boy with Two Heads - Maps) in the left-hand column. I hope they make it easier for ebook readers to follow. Please feel free to comment!

One small addendum to my post about the aftermath of the Olympics on Blackheath and in Greenwich Park: 
Most of the pavement posters about the history of the Heath, the number and variety of the flowers in the Olympic Park, and other subjects have been removed. But I noticed this one about three of the oldest sports clubs in the world, and couldn't resist taking a picture. It's such a typical 'London 2012' colour, and it may not be there much longer.

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