Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Boy with Two Heads

Back to (un)reality?

Today I had an email from Amazon asking me to review my own book. (I'd downloaded a free copy for my kindle during the weekend it was on offer.) 

Dear Julia Newsome,
Thank you for your recent purchase from
We invite you to submit a review for the product you purchased or share an image that would benefit other customers. Your input will help customers choose the best products on
It's easy to submit a review--just click the Review this product button next to the product.
The Boy with Two Heads (Purchased on 4 Aug 2012)
by J M Newsome

So if there's anyone who has read The Boy (free or not) and would like to post a review, please do so on Amazon in my place!

Now that the summer holidays are over, Connie and I are contacting schools and libraries again and getting copies off to reviewers. 

Have a good winter, everyone!
(In Greece they say Kalo Heimona! - Have a good winter - when everyone returns to school.)

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