Monday, 15 July 2013

Thought walks for writers?

Trying to write while living in the country is not always ideal, even in this amazing weather. (Sometimes because of this amazing weather. The garden’s siren call is at every window.) 

But a few days ago, there were so many plots and characters in my mind that I couldn’t focus sensibly on anything. So I set off on a walk to help me sort them out – what I call a thought walk.

As you can see, the paths between the fields were clogged with rampant weeds (like my brain!) but the hedgerows were full of flowers. One field was a mass of oxe-eye daisies, while in others the barley rippled and rustled like fine silk.

Five fledgling swallows – maybe they were martins – sat motionless near the top of a hedge. Now and again they opened their beaks into yellow, baby-bird squares, but they didn’t make a sound or move from their perches in spite of the skittish breeze.

I met no one (except a few sheep), and in the end, rather than helping me think, my walk removed most of my thoughts, and life became much simpler. A no-thought walk!

These are some more of the photos I took:

(full extent of the zoom)

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