Thursday, 29 December 2011

Today three heads ...

... were even better than two! 

I met Connie’s daughter and the rest of the family when I went over for a working lunch. It stretched into the dark of evening as I watched the cover materialise on the screen, based on the thoughts we had two weeks ago. Photoshop is magic in the right hands! But getting it right is slow and involves lots of minute detail. And there's a back cover and a front cover and a spine to be carefully built up from various components. It will be a long job.

We non-designer people ate mince pies and cakes and kept the two puppies busy, while planning various publicity projects from the beginning of February. We discussed how library and school visits by authors can be arranged and what happens. The Boy with Two Heads involves ancient history, sculpture, sport, fitting in (or not) with the rest of society, and some modern medicine, so we’ll probably need to direct our efforts to more than one department in each school. 

Talking of schools, everyone was amused by this painting of an Ancient Greek school boy (from a vase now in the J Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, California). I found it in the book called ‘Panorama of the Classical World’. 
As the boys said ‘They even had laptops!’

The choir concert was fun to be in and the party afterwards was memorable. As the adrenalin of performing worked on us we all managed to come in correctly, but somehow we’re not quite in the Military Wives’ league.

Meanwhile, all those programmes on TV that remind us what happened in 2011 are on. They cover things like the revolutions in Muslim countries, the disastrous earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, economic crises in Europe (especially Greece where my grown up children live), the riots in UK cities and the phone hacking scandal. Except for the wedding of Wills and Kate, it’s all very gloomy, so it has been nice to see programmes previewing the Olympics in 2012. 

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