Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Boy comes home ...

... in a cardboard box ...

... and makes himself comfortable.

I have watched other authors whose books I  commissioned as an editor, when they first see multiple copies of their creations. They touch them and open them, flip the pages and slap them shut. And now, with a bemused and insuppressible grin, I'm doing the same. 

I have written other books, of course. I've received my statutory six copies from my publisher each time. And that has given me a thrill and made all the time and effort worth while. I sometimes see them, old friends now, on the shelves in book shops in ones and twos. 

But I have never had a whole box full of copies to stack up and sort into piles before. 'One for Brian, one for Alexandra, one for my son, one for my sister, one for ...' and so on. I stroke each one and set it aside. It is thirty-one months since I started on this project. This is a moment to savour.

Thank you, Connie and all at Trifolium Books UK. And thank you to my family, and the friends and colleagues who have helped me and supported me during these two years and seven months. 

(If anyone reading this would like a copy, they can order one through their local bookshop or on-line at Amazon. ISBN 978-0-9568104-4-1)

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