Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Flyers at the table

Because I was so excited yesterday about finding the Cambridge English Readers in the library, I forgot to mention that I took some flyers for The Boy with Two Heads to the only remaining bookshop selling new books (that I know of) in Penrith. 

Called the Wordsworth Bookshop and Coffee House, it is in an old cottage on a pedestrian street beside the churchyard of St Andrews. The proprietors are Andrea and John Dennison and they welcomed me warmly although I had not contacted them beforehand. Andrea led me upstairs from the cafe area to the bookshop for a chat. The walls are lined with bookshelves and there are easy chairs dotted around on the dark wood floor. The ceiling is low but the windows let in plenty of light and the whole atmosphere is cosy but airy, inviting you to sit and read and discover new worlds. They hold regular poetry readings and other events so that readers can do just that.

When I came back at midday for lunch downstairs with a friend, I found my flyers standing propped up between the salt and pepper! A bit like this photo I took at home later ...

So, in spite of the rather iffy weather, yesterday in Penrith was a very good day for me and The Boy.

And today I have been to Maryport Library and found the same whole series of CERs and Quick Reads (see yesterday's posting). The series editor and I are investigating how this wonder has come about. Surely they are not in every library in Cumbria? Imagine the budget  provision for that!

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