Thursday, 12 April 2012

An advantage of starting small ...

Over Easter I have started a new phase in this process of publishing using the internet. I have joined Twitter, though I have not tweeted yet. And I have begun looking for bloggers who read young adult fiction. This is fascinating, but incredibly time consuming. It feels good to know how many intelligent, questing minds there are in this world, but I need to get quicker at judging the ones I prefer to avoid!

A6 fliers front
Also over Easter, I visited a book shop with the family and found to my dismay (and Connie's) that the ISBN quoted on our flyers for The Boy with Two Heads had one incorrect digit. We have both since rectified this for future copies, but some 100 or more flyers have been handed round Cumbria since the beginning of March. Our apologies to all who have had trouble because of this oversight. 

However, because of the size of Connie's operation, this is not heart-stopping. I remember narrowly avoiding disaster when a title I was the publisher for called 'Grammar World' almost went to press called 'Grammar Word'. We were about to have some huge number of copies printed in was it Singapore? to distribute all over the world. Catastrophe was averted only because of the time difference - we noticed it while they were asleep. The next edition of the same book was printed with a different title altogether, but by then it was not my responsibility.

The correct ISBN for The Boy with Two Heads is: 978-0-9568104-4-1. 
So now, two heads, 130,000 words and 13 numbers are all present and correct.

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