Tuesday, 7 May 2013

One head, 12 voices!

On May 1st, I took a break from promoting The Boy with Two Heads. My latest short novel for Cambridge University Press Cambridge English Readers was recorded at ID Audio in London. The actor who read it is Nadia Albina. She was dealing with more than 12 characters with accents from South Africa, Greece and Egypt. She had to distinguish between when a character was speaking in her or his own language and when they were speaking in English. A tour de force! I have spent 10 months on and off with my two teenage girl protagonists and it was a wonder to hear them come alive. Thank you, Nadia. Now I know why we are limited in the number of characters we can include in our stories!

My thanks also to John Green and the engineer (who I think is called Nick).

The book is called Better Late than Never and is scheduled to come out in the summer. So I look forward to the cover design expected soon.
Trafalgar Square, May 1st 2013.

After a day indoors, it was glorious to sit in Trafalgar Square and soak up some sun before calling it a day. Even Waterstones could not tempt me back indoors ... 

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