Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Walking with the gods ..?

Perhaps it's because the Greek Gods each represent facets of what makes people human that they are so easy to imagine. They influence the characters in the story I'm writing at present, so they naturally invade my own daily life!
   When I'm working on something, I try to take a walk each day. Sometimes this helps me plan the next day's writing, sometimes it's just for fun and exercise. Yesterday, Zeus was practising playfully with the spring weather. He bombarded me with thunder, lightening, hail, and rainbows, and kept me from doing much planning.

But the day before, he had been busy elsewhere and my walk was idyllic. 

I went inland, away from the sea for once ...

campion and blue bells

Was it possible I was in company with an Arcadian nymph or two (all those flowers and the chattering river), or Artemis (riding the moon behind the ash tree), or even her brother Apollo (checking out the flocks of sheep perhaps, and sparking my brain into creativity)?  
wood anemones


blousey dandelions

delicate vetch and star of Bethlehem

looking back towards the sea on my way home.
The perfect weather gave me time and peace to 'feel' them all, and to breathe the scents of spring and listen to the lambs and the birds. And while I walked, I worked out the complex relationship between two of my characters which had been confusing me.  

So I put this post together just to record, and give thanks for, that lovely, productive walk.

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